Money Laundering and Forfeiture Training for Foreign Prosecutors

This is the text of a lecture given to prosecutors and public officials in Kazakhstan on November 18, 2020, introducing the concept of money laundering as a criminal offense.  It discusses the different types of money laundering statutes, the motives behind money laundering, and the methodologies that money launderers employ.  It then focuses on the reasons why a prosecutor would want to include money laundering in a criminal case, on the elements of a typical money laundering statute, and on the types of evidence the prosecutor would need to establish each one.

Intro to Money Laundering – Kazakhstan 2020

I have also included the texts of two lectures given as part of a training seminar for prosecutors from Serbia, Moldova, Ukraine and Lithuania at the CEELI Institute in Prague on December 11, 2019.  The first covers money laundering and is an earlier version of the Kazakhstan lecture but with citations to the law in those countries.

The second lecture covers asset forfeiture, focusing on three issues: why include forfeiture in a criminal case, what property may be forfeited, and the procedure for including a forfeiture judgment in a criminal case.  It concludes with a list of circumstances in which it is necessary for the prosecutor to use non-conviction-based (NCB) forfeiture.

Intro to Money Laundering – Prague 2019

Intro to Forfeiture – Prague 2019