Civil Forfeiture Examples

Each year, I compile a list of civil forfeiture cases brought by the federal government that illustrate the variety of ways civil forfeiture is used as a law enforcement tool.  The purpose of the list is to counter the perception created by the media that civil forfeiture is synonymous with cash seizures by state and local police departments in petty drug cases.  The cases added this year to the list of examples (which I started in 2013) include actions to seize assets used by ISIS to finance terrorism, the proceeds of the sale of weapons of mass destruction in Syria, and funds intercepted on the way to North Korea to funds its nuclear weapons program.  Others include fraud proceeds recovered for the benefit of victims when the perpetrator died, guns seized from convicted felons, the proceeds of oxycodone sales forfeited from fugitives, and millions in fraud proceeds involved in the 1MDB case in Malaysia.

Civil Forfeiture Examples: 2019