Recovering the Proceeds of Foreign Crimes in the U.S.

My article on Recovering the Proceeds of Foreign Crimes That Are Found in the United States, which was originally published in Spanish by Transparency International, has now been revised and published in English in the North Carolina Journal of International Law, Vol. 46, No.3 (Summer 2021) at pp. 535-69.  Here are the links to the Spanish and English versions.

Recuperación de activos – EEUU (Transparencia Venezuela)

Recovering the Proceeds of Foreign Crimes that are Found in the United States

I have also posted a 10-minute video presentation covering the same topic. The presentation is part of 2020 Cambridge International Symposium on Economic Crime, and is based on the work that I’ve done for Transparency International (Venezuela).

The articles and the video discuss the procedure for enforcing a foreign confiscation order in the US, and the basis for recovering assets through non-conviction-based (“civil”) forfeiture based on foreign evidence.

Here is the link to the video: Cambridge 2020 – Recovering Foreign Criminal Proceeds in the U.S.