Forfeiture and Money Laundering Training for Law Enforcement Agents

This 90-page lecture outline was provided to law enforcement agents as part of their training on asset forfeiture and money laundering.  It was presented at a training seminar for the United States Secret Service in Charleston, SC on July 28, 2021.

With respect to forfeiture, it begins with an overview of why asset forfeiture is an important part of criminal law enforcement, and why a law enforcement agent should be thinking about the forfeiture aspects of the case from the beginning of the investigation.  It then discusses what can be forfeited in the cases that are investigated – including the proceeds of the crime,  facilitating property, and property involved in money laundering — and forfeiture procedure, including administrative, civil and criminal forfeiture.  Finally, it provides examples of recent cases that employed some of the more advanced tools that are available to law enforcement under the forfeiture statutes.

With respect to money laundering, it discusses the different types of money laundering – promotional, concealment, and transactional money laundering, and the difference between self-money laundering and third-party money laundering, and then goes through the elements of a money laundering offense under federal law and the way to prove each of them.

Forfeiture and Money Laundering — USSS 2021